Monday, 18 April 2016


The kids in fourth grade help us 
to learn about different eosystems. Have a look!

First, let's travel to the Poles.where it's freezing cold. 

Penguins live in the South Pole.

Grey wolves live in Canada, a cold country not far from the North Pole.

Next, let's go to the Mediterranean Forest, we have many of these in Spain!
In Spain, we have the Iberian Lynx, an endagered species.

Now, let's watch the life in rivers, lakes and other fresh water ecosystems.

Rainforests are incredible: most of the plants and animals in the whole world live in them.

 The asiatic tiger live sin rainforests.

And what are oceans and seas? Sure, salt water ecosystems, and there's lots of live in them also! 

There are thousands of different species of fish and invertebrates in the oceans, but here we have two mammals: the dolphin and the Florida manatee.

We finish our trip in the desert: a hard place to live, so hot during the day, so dry...

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